As Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman at Caleb-Inland Energy Nigeria Ltd., Mr. Olubiyi is responsible for the actualization and strategic operation of this established entity to building new power plants in Nigeria. Mr. Olubiyi’s innovative concept on building power plants in Nigeria was based on his vision for overwhelming need for adequate, consistent, affordable, functioning electricity in the Africa’s most populous and largest economy. Mr. Olubiyi made several trips to Nigeria searching for opportunities in Nigeria’s Electricity Supply Industry. By March 2012 he was able to meet with the Minister
of power, and some federal executives at Ministry of Power. On the same March 2012 trip he was
able to meet with some executive members of Lagos State Governing Council that finally crystallized his vision for adequate, reliable, consistent and affordable power business in Nigeria. As of November 2019, Niyi has made 43 trips to Nigeria engaging relevant entities in facilitating the development of our power plant project at Lekki Free Trade Zone.

Mr. Olubiyi joined Worldco Financial Services firm on Wall Street in 1997, and in 1999 he assumed the role of a Managing Director responsible for 21 traders with hundreds of millions of dollars market capitalization. In 2006, Mr. Olubiyi joined Mateng, Inc. – a Princeton Engineering Services Company as the VP of Operations where he was responsible for solar conversion energy projects.

As Chief Financial Officer, from ’92 to ‘97, at John James Estes and Associates, a private construction and engineering firm in Columbus, Ohio, Mr. Olubiyi implemented transformative measures that shored up the firm’s financial position with industry best practices and his own innovative strategies.

‘Niyi was a member of a consulting group at Center for Economic Business development Center (CEBR) backed by SBA that assisted start-ups and existing small companies’ business operations. He was instrumental in developing and coaching small business owners on the need to computerize their operations for electronic reporting. About 79% of firms in this program were able to get funding from banks for business expansion.

Mr. Olubiyi has thought mathematics and finance courses at Franklin University, Columbus Ohio, and York College (CUNY) in NYC, New York. He was an adjunct lecturer teaching Solar Energy Conversion class at African University of Science and Technology (AUST) Abuja. His pragmatic approach to concepts has led to campus wide solar installations.

Mr. ‘Niyi Olubiyi is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of hands-on experience in Management, Finance and Engineering. He has Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and bachelor’s degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Finance from University of Dayton, Ohio, and Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio respectively. He also holds Certified Financial Planning ( C F P ) Certificate.