Energy Services

Our Energy Services include

    • Engage in complete analysis with recommendation on your energy needs to power your business / home using an adhoc approach that focuses on your system’s efficiency and cost effectiveness. We provide this at cost free to you
    • Custom design your system based on the evaluation and recommendation provided to meet your power demand
    • Install your system as designed and sometime expand your system when desired
    • Provide maintenance schedule for optimum operation of your system
    • We also provide a complete business plan for process flows such as hydrocarbon refinery, petrochemical, and ethanol plants
    • We support our work after installation through continuous follow-ups and warranty


  • Solar energy conversion
  • Wind turbine
  • Heavy Gas Turbine
  • Micro-turbine
  • Hydroelectric
  • Cogeneration
  • Hybrid of solar and micro-turbine
  • Hybrid of Solar and Combined Cycle

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